I am a very proud, greatly privileged, 100%, legal immigrant and naturalized citizen

of the United States of America.

Fully medically checked, financially scrutinized and vetted for any criminal history.

I truly love the mighty republic, USA, with a depth of goose-bump emotion that is difficult to describe.

Sadly, over the last several decades, the mighty USA, along with the entire western world, has become afflicted

with political correctness on steroids, devoid of old-fashioned common sense and accountability.

Our Big Fat Soft Underbelly addresses what I believe are constitutional and legal flaws, caused, in the main,

by our elite, elected representatives, on both sides of the political spectrum.

With their unprincipled actions, they, and their unprincipled partners, the money-grubbing lobbyists,

with the deranged media, are taking this unique, magnificent republic

to economic and social places of darkness and debauchery.

If you are one of those white-flag waving, Americans, who denigrate, devalue and demonize the very Country that you live in,

someone, who plays the helpless victim and is an entitlement fiend, then close this website. It is not for you.

This site is for energized, gut-strong, principled, patriotic American citizens, who will stand tall, hand on heart and face their flag.

Those folk, who will work constantly, passionately and ethically to maintain the very great foundations

put in place by our heroic, visionary, common sense, God-fearing forefathers.

I know that I have the courage

to strenuously work to change the things I can.

I ask you -

do you have the courage, the energy, the drive,

the determination, the love of country,

to do the same?

Washington DC has to change.

We can change it.

We must change it.

Let's do it!